Hi, I’m Thomas Hudson.

I’m an engineer in Portland Oregon. I build exhibits at OMSI, teach electronics tinkering at PCC, build research devices for the honeybee, and particpate at dorkbotpdx.




January 2018

Released a new web app with Web Ble communicating with OMSI Eggs embedded with an nrF52 BLE 4.0 module. OMSI Smart Egg Drop case study and new web app.

Teaching a new MicroPython programming class at PCC on the ESP8266 NodeMcu. Class Description.

October 2017

New OMSI exhibit opens featuring two exhibits animations built in Unity. Under the Artic

September 2017

Light installation at the OMSI Maker Faire.

Portland Children's Museum -Grociery Store Cash Register instalations.

August 2017

Pickathon Light Instalation with Jon and Melinda Hannis with PDX Hackerspace and twitter.com/ctrlhpdx, Zach Archer , Darcy Neal, Kelly Vogel with OSHPARK.com , dorkbotpdx.org and many more friends!

January 2017

Portland Winter Light Festival 2017 -Pixel Throw-up featuring 1000s of LEDs on Tyvek.

October 2016

Internet of Buckets at Open Source Hardware Summit.

Set up the Internet of Buckets at Science Hack Day PDX and let biologists use the display to visualize data across the bucket wall @science_hackPDX

September 2016

Designed, soldered, and programmed a digital Egg drop for the OMSI booth at the museum conference ASTC.

Birthday trump pinata using PJRC uController and audio shield...

First time working for OMSI during the Portland mini Maker Faire... improved on the Kinect 3D scanning for the internet of buckets.

August 2016

2016 Pickathon hanging out in the galaxy beer garden.

July 2016

Finished OMSI's wifi configurable featured stairwell lights for Space Exhibition... 2500 addressable LEDs driven by a teensy3.2 arm processor

June 2016

Dorkbotpdx and Ctrl^H Hackerspace built the internet of buckets for a proof of concept light sculpture installed at toor camp 2016. A bunch of us got RFID implants curtesy of Anita with Dangerous Things

May 2016

Worked the San Mateo Maker Faire for PJRC's booth pretending to sling awesome hardware with Alysia Dynamik

February 2016

Exhibited Fish Eye at Portland Winter Light festival and Bytme 5.0.

May 2015

Patent issued for Monitoring the State of a Beehive and lists me with a great embedded hardware engineer Tom Moxon and leading honeybee entomologist Marla Spivak.

September 2014

Dorkbot is putting on another Portland Maker Faire exhibition at OMSI September 13 & 14. Portland Maker Faire.

Summer 2014

Started working at OMSI. What an amazing place. 5 continents, 23 countries.

Spring 2014

Broke ground on a tiny house or also known in Portland as an ADU.

Fall 2013

Develped new honeybee technology for Eltopia based around varroa mite reduction.

Fall 2013 - Winter 2016

Teaching electroincs classes at Portland Community College: Electronics for Inventors I, II, III

Spring - Summer 2013

Teaching at the OMSI Technology Center

Teaching free Mechatronics classes at Community Supported Everything

May 2013

Bay Area Maker Faire Exhibitor with Dorkbotpdx

March 2013

Prototyping integrated backpack lights for Black Star Bags

Collaborating with James Moore on Swarmy

February 2013

Completed circuit new breakout circuit board production for National Energy Conservation Inc.

January 2013

Chicktech Volunteer, Co-led the Microcontroller Group - chicktech/

Dorkbot Cult Induction co-teacher Portland Oregon

December 2012

Physical Computing for Artists – Volunteer student helper for Don Delmar’s class, Continuing Education Class at PNCA

September 2012

World Maker Faire Exhibitor New York